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How can I use the Knowledge Cloud 'Search' function?

First, you must select the Category of the searched content. These category are the followings:

  1. All (this is the default value)
  2. Publications
  3. Research data
  4. Projects
  5. People
  6. Organizations
  7. Data providers

Whit the selection of sub-category, you have a possibility to reduce the number of relevant hits. If you don't select anything relevant information (Region, Species, Product, Livestock), the hits' list will be complete at the end of the searching process.

Then type your keywords, which can be found in the content, title of publications, data sets etc., that you search.

Finally, you push the Search button, and you get the relevant hits in the OpenAIRE website, where you can filter (eg. according to date) the set of hits.