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EURAF Board welcomes Rico Hübner

In this past few weeks we have had a change in EURAF Board. Giustino Mezzalira, from Italy, is no longer Deputy Secretary. Rico Hübner has joined the board to take this position.

We thank Giustino for all his work at EURAF and we are counting on him to go on spreading the word about Agroforestry.

Rico Hübner, PhD in Agricultural Economics, has his research background in sustainable agriculture, renewable energies and agricultural policy.

Currently, he is involved in a project at the Technical University of Munich on the governance of agroforestry in Germany. Before, he developed agri-enviroVisnmental indicators and conducted projects on the transfer of climate friendly farming trough stakeholder engagement and dialogue.

He lectures Environmental Economics of Sustainable Landuse and a course within the NeXus of Water, Food and Energy besides working as an environmental consultant.

He is also involved in the founding procedure of the German Agroforestry Association (DeFAF) especially in the resort of international cooperation.

Check Rico’s research profile and feel free to contact Rico via: rico [dot] huebner [at] europeanagroforestry [dot] eu

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