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“Agroforestry on your plate!” an international citizen day on sustainable farming and food

The French Agroforestry Association and the Fondation de France wishes to welcome you to a full-day, free entrance event, open to the general public on Sunday 19th May, just one day before the official launching of the 4th World Congress on Agroforestry. The event will take place in Montpellier, France (Corum conference centre). 

Our aim is to raise awareness among the general audience on the importance and potential of agroforestry around the world. The event will showcase concrete agroforestry initiatives from across the 5 continents, sharing ideas with farmers, entrepreneurs, NGOs, local cooperatives and researchers.

Around the “international agroforestry village” – 30 stands held by agroforestry stakeholders who will present and share experiences from the field – the event will offer a rich and diverse programme of conferences, educational and awareness activities for the younger audience, photography exhibitions, video screening… as well as agroforestry tasting sessions (food for thought!).

Eventually, the idea is to offer citizens (consumers) a dive into a truly promising alternative for tomorrow’s farming and food (r)evolution, and that these agricultural practices can be part of the solution to solve global issues such as climate change, food sovereignty, water & air pollution, biodiversity losses and soil degradation.

Full programme available here (in French).

Introductory video by Alfredo Sendim, an agroforestry farmer from Portugal:  


Facebook page of the event:

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Please contact: Association Française d'Agroforesterie: +33 (0) 6 27 39 48 72 - contact [at] agroforesterie [dot] fr (subject: renseignements%20journ%C3%A9e%20agroforesterie%20grand%20public%2019%20mai%20montpellier)