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EURAF General Assembly : voting outcome


Dear EURAF members and fans,

a strong and efficient European Agroforestry Federation (EURAF) is extremely important for work at the European level. This makes it all the more gratifying that the work of the Executive Board is supported and valued in this way, which was demonstrated by the extremely high voter turnout for the election of the EURAF Executive Board on November 9.

From a total of 11 candidates, six persons were elected for the EURAF Board. The following persons were appointed to the new board:

  • 258 votes:  Francesca Camilli (IT) from the Institute for the BioEConomy, National Reseach Council, CNR-IBE, the main organizer of the forthcoming Agroforestry Conference in Nuoro and the AF Policy Webinar at the end of this month, appointed for vice president.
  • 217 votes: Judit Csikvari (HU), an experienced agroforestry manager from Hungary with excellent business knowledge, appointed for vice treasurer.
  • 195votes: Patrick Worms (BE) from ICRAF. The previous Chairman, residing in Brussels, appointed for the president.
  • 177 votes: Rico Hübner (DE) from the Technical University of Munich. The former deputy secretary in the EURAF, who is also in charge of the International Cooperation Department in the German Agroforestry Association (DeFAF), appointed for treasurer.
  • 172 votes: Claire Lemarié (FR) from the French Chamber of Agriculture, working as an agroforestry advisor. She was one of the EURAF French delegates since September 2019. She is in charge of the EURAF website and is appointed for vice secretary.
  • 153 votes: Manuel Bertomeu (ES) from the University of Extremadura, who was one of the main authors of the PEFC study "Trees outside forests" on certification standards, among other things, appointed for secretary.


Overview on the number of votes:

Camilli Francesca


Csikvari Judit


Worms Patrick


Hübner Rico


Lemarié Claire


Bertomeu Garcia Manuel


Mosquera Rosa


Pantera Anastasia


Castro Marina


Wojtowicz Barbara


Rohde Birk Julie