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New agroforestry climate project launched in Switzerland

Coop, one of the largest supermarket chains in Switzerland, has launched a new support programme for agroforestry as part of its voluntary climate protection activities in collaboration with the myclimate foundation and Bio Suisse.

Farmers are financially supported in setting up an agroforestry system. The focus is on wild fruit trees and trees for high value timber that have rarely been planted so far.

"Agroforestry was common in Switzerland over centuries and characterized the landscape in many places. It serves primarily for fruit production, which is nurtured this way alongside cattle-rearing, arable farming and vegetable production. Since the 1950s, however, the number of trees in agricultural areas has fallen dramatically", they claim.

In addition, the farms receive free advice and support from the consultancy organisation AGRIDEA.

Further information can be found here.